WTC Canadian Trials Championship

Round 1/2 2013 WTC Canadian Trials Championships
Last weekend, Matt competed in the first two rounds of the Canadian Trials Championships in Scotch Creek area in the Okanagan region of BC.
It was a historic event for Matt, marking his very first appearance in the elite Champ class where he would do battle with the very best riders in the country. The weekend did not start as planned for Matt, when on Friday he suffered a badly sprained ankle in a freak accident while riding the day before day 1. The severity of the injury was not apparent till later Friday night when Matt took his boots off, and it revealed a badly swollen ankle.
Although the entire night was spent icing the injury down to reduce the pain and swelling as much as possible, it was apparent on Saturday AM that all was not well! Despite this, Matt decided to press on, and not riding was never an option! Matt actually got off to a very good start, taking a very respectable 2 on the very first section, that proved to be a stopper for half the entry.
Day1 was a relatively easy trial with very low scores for the Champ riders. Matt rode well for his first time ever in this class, and actuall was in striking distance of a podium all day long. In the end though, his ankle injury was the difference, and was very difficult for Matt to excel at some of the sections that did feature substantial drop offs from large rocks. Credit to him though as he never complained all day long, and never used it as an excuse! The final result was a solid 5th place.
On Day2 , Matt’s ankle had gotten a fair bit better and alot of the swelling had gone down, now the severe bruising showed the extent of the injury. It was a much better day all around. The sections had all been altered to make them a little harder, and one new section added. As well, the addition of some nice rain showers throughout the day, made the usually bone dry grippy rocks, more like what we ride on Vancouver Island. As most of the field seemed to struggle with the changing conditons, Matt seemed to find his groove all day long!
Although his finish was the same as Saturday, the gap had been closed considerably and Matt missed being 4th on the day by a meager 1pt, and, only 8pts out of a podium, which was the goal heading into the weekend.Matt’s Mountain Motorcyle Ltd/ Beta Evo 300 ran flawlessly all weekend as usual !
All focus will now be on getting his ankle back to 100 % and training for the first two US Nationals in Cayuta NY which will take place on June 15th.
As usual, a big thank you to all of Matt’s sponsors:
Mountain Motorcycle Ltd
Outlaw Trialsport
American Alloy
Tryals Shop

Outlaw Series, Rd 1

Matt Fracy Report- April 15/ 2013: Joe Brown Memorial Trial/ Round 1 Outlaw Series /Provincial Championship

Matt Fracy Report- April 15/ 2013: Joe Brown Memorial Trial/ Round 1 Outlaw Series /Provincial Championship


Last Sunday saw Matt celebrate his 17th birthday in great style with a confident and consistent ride to take 3rd place in the opening Round of the Outlaw Series, at the Victoria Motorcycle Club’s Joe Brown Memorial Trial.


Stamping his authority on the Expert class, Matt rode his Mountain Motorycycle sponsored Beta Evo 300 to a solid podium finish, against the top two riders in Canada, and the best riders attending from the lower mainland as well. Proving that his two previous podium placings so far this year in VMC club trials has been no fluke, Matt rode well, but consistent which was the key. A freak 45min hail storm midway through the 2nd loop proved difficult for all riders, but Matt managed to keep his cool and not let it reall affect his loop scores too much, compared to his competition. In doing so, Matt is now creeping up on the elite of riders in Canada and is now going to be considered one of them!


It was the first time this year that Matt has had a real chance to see how much all his off season training has paid off, and it has, big time! It has been quite a huge leap in progress this year for Matt. I big credit to him and his hard work. Its all part of a bigger plan for Matt, as he prepares for his most ambitious year of riding to date! May will start off with the first of 4 Canadian Nationals. Then, in June, Matt plans to take his efforts for the first time ever, to compete for the US National High School title.


A busy year for sure! A big thanks to all of Matt’s incredible sponsors, who without their support, all of this would not be possible! Thank you to: Mountain Motorcycle, Outlaw Trialsport, Tryals Shop, American Alloy, Trials Canada, R2wtrials.