Matt rides rd’s 3 & 4 of WTC Canadian Championship

Rounds 3/4 of the WTC Canadian Trials Championships were held in Ioco BC, July 20/21 in what is known by riders internationally as THE best riding area in Canada. Clerk of the course Christy Williams did not disappoint and a true Superstars Trial was in order.

Matt in Action in Ioca

Matt in Action in Ioca

Matt continued on his path competing against the very best riders in the country, again, riding in the top Champ class. After his successful trip to ride the High School class in US Nationals, Matt was hoping for a good result. The one kink in the works was the fact that since returning from his US National trip, Matt took a huge leap forward in his personal career, and started working a full time job as a labourer on a big commercial construction job! Although the bonus here is that Matt will not need worry about keeping up his regimented workout schedule at home, when just getting a full day’s work in at the job site will do the job! In actual fact, severe fatigue on Day1 was something new for Matt to deal with, but as in usual fashion, he did not complain at all!

The trial itself on Day1 was truly the first event of the Championship that featured sections and a loop that challenged the Champ riders properly! With much coaxing from his minder (yours truly) Matt gave a valiant effort all day and had some very good rides. He was actually sitting in 3rd place going into the last loop when both time constraints, and severe cramping in his legs, disabled Matt and forced him to punch out 5’s most of the last lap in order to just finish!

After some decent rest on Saturday after a very long day, Matt was ready to do battle again on Day2. A much easier loop and eased sections was just what the doctor ordered for Matt as it helped him conserve what little energy he did have left. He battled hard all day and in the end settled for 3rd place only 6 points from 2nd place.

A big thank you to all the sponsors who have supported Matt throughout the year, and this summer on his big adventure competing in both the US and Canadian National series! As throughout the year, Matt’s Mountain Motorcycle Ltd sponsored Beta Evo 300 performed flawlessly the entire weekend!

The next event in store for Matt will be the final two rounds of the US National trials Championships being held in Duluth Mn at the end of August. In the meantime, Matt will have his hands full with working, and getting in as much practise as possible before the end of August. Big thanks to the CPTA club in Ioco for a great event as usual!

Thanks to Dave Rhodes for the photo.