Vancouver Island Hare Scramble

17yr old Matt Fracy from Shawnigan Lake BC entered an entire new world of off-road motorcycle racing when he competed in the Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series final event of the year, the Crown Royale.
After some convincing to the organizers, Matt was allowed to sign up for the Expert class in only his very first attempt at this discipline. A two moto system using totally seperate courses was used, having the Expert riders with a 1.5hr time cut-off for each.
In the first moto, Matt got off to a decent start and headed into the woods from the motocross style start line, in 4th place. He kept up a really good pace and peeled off 4 laps of the very fast morning course for the A riders. Matt finished the first moto at the end in 3rd, but, quickly found out that only 5 times riding the new Beta RR 250 was going to be tough. He slowed considerably on the last lap with some severe cramping, and a very sore strained back! His 6ft 3 frame not used to staning in a race position on an enduro bike going flat out for 1.5 hrs.
After a quick 1hour break, some food and fluids, it was time to start moto 2 on a slightly more technical course than in the morning. Matt got an amazing start in moto 2 thanks to the amazing E-start on his Mountain Motorcycle Ltd, Goldentyre, Outlawtrialsport- Opti and r2wtrials sponsored Beta RR250, and his quick reactions from a dead engine start!
There was a dual lane immediately after the start line where competitors could choose the man made jump set up over a 3ft stump ( which was single file), or take the slower wide right line around some trees, and over two small logs. All the fast guys were doing the stump. Matt’s amazing 2nd position off the start line meant the stump line was his choice. He headed into the woods in a great 2nd place.
The promising start was all for not though, as the severe pain Matt was under at the end of moto1, quickly re-appeared in moto 2. After finishing the first lap, Matt really was not sure if he could push through with the pain and cramping. But, in the end decided to keep going! Although his pace was much slower and he in fact had to stop a couple times, he did manage to finish his very first event, in the Expert class, and in the meantime turn quite a few heads!
It was an amazing experience for all of us, and a very steep learning curve for sure! But, an invaluable lesson that will help out tremendously for next season as Matt plans to ride the entire series!
A huge thanks to all Matt’s sponsors:-
Mountain Motorcycle Ltd
Goldentyre Canada
Outlawtrialsport- Opti
American Alloy
Tryals shop