The Bike

Matt’s bike is a 2013 Beta Evo 300 2T fitted with Boyesen Carbon Tech reeds, splashed with some trick Costa (CSP) bits, and special TeamFracy clutch mods, and other secret bits!


Details of the new 2013 Beta EVO:-

Beta has developed a new bike for 2013 delivering a major update for 2013 with many significant improvements.

* New frame which saves 250 gms of weight.

* New rear fender incorporating a separate cover to make access to the air filter simpler. * New alloy side stand which saves 100 gms of weight.

* Rear shock featuring new internal components and a new hydraulic action.

* Front fork with new settings.

* Kill switch is now mounted on the handlebar.

* New gearbox shift drum for a smoother action when changing gears.

* New CDI advance curve featuring greater torque at low rpm and more power at high rpm.


With the new 2013 model, Betamotor has aimed to develop a stronger yet lighter bike, easier to ride and much simpler to maintain. The experience gained in the last year of racing and the constant research for new technical solutions combined with feedback from Beta owners have produced a host of changes to this year’s bike. Donato Miglio, Beta Trial Factory Team Manager, describes the 2013 EVO. “Powerful and easy for riders of any level, the bike is extremely versatile with a great travel range. From your first ride you feel the EVO was made for your needs.”


The list of changes can be broken into three categories;



New frame with the main section made by hydroforming as on the swing arm. The frame is 250 gms lighter while holding an extra 250 ml of fuel. Frame is now red. The hydroforming process involves the use of high pressure hydraulic fluid to press room temperature alloy into a die. Hydroforming allows complex shapes to be formed with thicker and thinner areas where needed. This means parts which are stronger yet lighter. It also means less components and less welding. Tank side covers are more sculptured. The side stand is now made from alloy which is stronger yet lighter saving 100 grams. The stand will not bend with age as the old steel one did. The rear shock is completely revised. New internal components with a new hydraulic. New settings make the rear end more responsive. The front fork also has been revised with new settings for a more responsive front end.



New shape on the gear selector drum allows a smoother action for the gearbox making gear changes smoother and more precise. A new CDI advance curve has been developed to optimize power delivery providing instant power especially at low rpm. This allows the rider to be more comfortable in any situation and terrain. The new advance curve produces greater torque at low rpm and a never ending top end has been obtained.



The air filter can now be accessed by removing a cover situated in the seat area of the rear fender. No longer do you need to remove the rear fender to access the air filter. The electrical system has been totally redesigned. The CDI is now under the rear fender. The regulator is now at the rear of the engine. The kill switch is back on the handlebars. The light switch and the CDI mapping switch are on the side of the frame to avoid damage. Repositioning the electrical components has allowed the wiring to be streamlined and simplified for greater efficiency. The frame is now red with white rear fender and matt black from fender. The new graphics highlight the innovative shapes of the chassis and plastics.